Thursday, 12 August 2010

Michael Wise will have it made at Goldman Sachs

A very wise move. Michael Wise is leaving Morgan Stanley after thirteen years to run Goldman's financial institutions group. And that's not all. Goldman is making him a partner as well. A partner! That is more or less like being a capo in the mafia. Well done, Mr Wise!

I just hope he can cope with the culture shock. Morgan Stanley only employs twenty financial shamans at most. I would be very surprised if the bank had more than thirty. But Goldman is literally crawling with shamans and mystics. They're coming out of the woodwork. What will a square like Mr Wise make of it all?

And I'm not being disparaging, calling him a square. There are worse things you can be, just ask Keith Busby. We can't all be wild financial hipsters like myself, and a few of you. Yes, I know what some of you get up to. And you have my full support. It's the way of the future.