Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Alpari (UK) and Sudipto Chattopadhyay fined by the FSA

FSA regulated firms should carry out risk assessments of the money laundering and financial crime risks that they are exposed to. Oh, those are not my words. That's the FSA talking, that is - here.

Now, Alpari is an online provider of foreign exchange services for speculative trading. Or so they say. Sudipto Chattopadhyay used to be the firm's money laundering reporting officer. Clearly, he didn't do much reporting, otherwise the FSA would not have fined him £14,000. Alpari was fined £140,000.

But I would like to say something in defence of Mr Chattopadhyay. Maybe he had better and more interesting things to do. Has the FSA considered that possibility?

Maybe Sudipto is a wanderer on the astral plane - far away from the hellish headquarters of the FSA! That would explain everything. Would you, dear reader, want to spend your precious time carrying out risk assessments when you could be getting all loved up with a mob of ghosts and sundry other astral beings? Be honest.

I have a good feeling about Sudipto. I have never met the guy. He is not a personal friend of mine. But I know - in my heart - that he is a man who would share his last joss stick with you. He is a man you could go burning with, and you would know, instinctively, that there would not be any ashes of his sticking to your face afterwards. Such individuals are rare. Oh, I know I talk about the financial shamans and the money mystics, and there are plenty of them. We are certainly growing in number. But in the world of finance there are still more unbelievers than believers. That's a fact. Sudipto is a believer. I'm sure of it. We should cut the man some slack.