Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Andrew Cuomo sues Ivy Asset Management

New York's attorney-general, Andrew Cuomo, is suing Ivy Asset Management for its alleged involvement (well, not involvement as such) in the Madoff scandal. He reckons the firm ignored 'disturbing facts' about the crazed Ponzi scheme mutha. I mean, Bernard Madoff. Cuomo reckons two Ivy bosses, Lawrence Simon and Howard Wohl, were worried that if they shared their doubts about Madoff with investors, then the firm would lose 20 per cent of its revenue.

All I want to know is: Does Andrew Cuomo have the balls to go up against the world's most demonic financier Jack Pickles?

Jack Pickles was behind the Ponzi scheme. He is the man behind most of the financial crime in this awful world we inhabit. Do the authorities think I'm going to deal with him? Maybe one day I will. But it's not my job, is it? No one is willing to pay me to go after Jack. I would want at least $10 million for that, Mr Cuomo, if you're reading this.

I despair sometimes. I really do.