Thursday, 20 May 2010

Brian Young joins Butterfield Fulcrum

Yes, yes, yes, he does. Brian Young joins Butterfield Fulcrum, but I am not interested in Mr Young. It's nothing personal against him. If you are interested, dear reader, sweet child o' mine, I suggest you surf over to Hedgeweek. That website will lay this on you: 'Having Brian join our team is a great step for Altinus. He brings a wealth of experience from his years in corporate and investment banking, and more specifically in the managed accounts industry. It is an exciting time for the platform, as we now have a strong team out in the market in the US and Europe. In the first month since the launch we already have 40 managers ready to go live on the platform, and are in talks with a significant number of asset allocators. I look forward to working with Brian to generate more interest and growth.' And more besides. Altinus is some sort of managed account platform, by the way.

But, as I said at the beginning of this post, I'm not interested in Brian. What caught my attention was the name of the firm. Butterfield Fulcrum. What a brilliant name! It has mystic vibrations. The name hit me. It hit me with such force. Butterfield Fulcrum. Say it! Feel the words in your mouth! It's a sexual thing as well. Butterfield Fulcrum. Butter field ful crum. Butter field ful crum. Ful crum. Ful crum. Crum. Crum. Crum. Butterfield Fulcrum. I'm not the only one, am I? You're getting it too, aren't you?

I will have to investigate this firm. I want to know everything about it. Jill Considine is the chairman. It's a positive sign that she's the 'chairman'. Not 'chairperson' or 'chair'. No PC nonsense with this lot. I'm impressed already. Akshaya Bhargava is the chief executive. Malcolm Glyn, CFO. I'm wondering if they have any financial shamans. Chris Mulhern is the chief operating officer. Oh, I recognize that name! I know him from somewhere. Jesus. He's a desert man. Got to be.

Does anyone know anything about Mr Mulhern?