Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Huang Guangyu: jailed for corruption

Huang Guangyu, founder of Gome, was jailed in China yesterday. He must serve fourteen years for bribery, insider trading, illegal foreign exchange dealings, you name it. But I won't name it. I want to stay positive. And I want to give Mr Huang some hope. Does he have an internet connection in his cell? Guangyu, mate, this is for you:

Money is the way, and the way is long. The loss of liberty is a kind of death, but money lives forever, and it will wait for you. Be strong through weakness.

The ghosts of the dead financiers are all around. Can you feel the burning they bring? And can you hear them? Close your eyes. Listen. Ghosts whisper. If you listen, you will learn. Do not look at them. Just listen.

I am with you, always. Here. There. I share the pain. We are not afraid to lose what others have never found. It was ours for a while. It will be ours again. It shall return. Fourteen years is like a slow kiss in heaven.

Does burning money smell of the souls who possess it? Yes, I believe so. There is a flame. There is a smell. There is a way. Guangyu, you see your flame. You see your money. The cold earth wanderers are afraid. They can smell greatness.

If you cry, your tears will heal you. This is strength through weakness. Power comes and then it goes. Be strong when strength is required. Be weak when you need to be. Let go. Your ego is a balloon, drifting. The astral sky is your empire.