Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Christian Baha and his Superfund

I had no idea. No one told me about this Christian Baha character and his computer-driven Superfund. This is what the loon told Reuters: 'It was started on the same principles as today - without human emotions, strict money management and not letting risk exceed the risk parameters.'

Without human emotions? That's terrible!

O Master, maybe there are ghostly emotions. There might be a ghost in the machine.

Well, that's my only hope. Has Mr Baha got the good sense to keep a ghost in his machine?

O Christian, speak to us!

O Mikey, have no fear. There is a ghost in my machine. I am that ghost.

You're not a ghost!

Oh, I am! I am a ghost. But I couldn't tell those squares at Reuters. Imagine what they would think!

Yeah, you've got a point.

And my investors don't know. So try and keep it quiet.

I won't tell anyone.

Thanks, Mike.