Monday, 24 May 2010

Darrell O'Dea starts at Gartmore!

This is very exciting. At least, it is potentially very exciting. It all depends on how he burns on his first day. This/that Darrell O'Dea is starting work at Gartmore today as the co-manager of the European Absolute Return fund. Roger Guy is the other co-manager. He is 'other'. Yes, that guy is still there. He is there. He isn't walking down the road. Thank God for that!

Should we be excited? I'm not sure. I shouldn't be getting your hopes up. I have no idea if Darrell O'Dea is the burning type. Does he have the love inside him? I know Roger do. We all know he do. We know Roger is half insane with the burning love. But what about Darrell O'Dea? And about me? I feel frozen. In this heat, I feel frozen.

What about Guillaume Rambourg? Where is he, right now? Investment analyst with the astral eyes. But we need to know about Darrell O'Dea. No one has ever accused Darrell O'Dea of having astral eyes. Will they, one day? Or don't they care? Is Darrell O'Dea really the man they're looking for?

If only we knew for sure that Darrell O'Dea was 'other'. Wouldn't we be satisfied with that? I know I would. He used to be at Threadneedle, which has mystical funds. I have celebrated a few of them, in the past.

When something appears in your life, out of the blue, and you cannot explain it, do you not feel the whole situation is a little absurd? An object. A person. It sticks in your consciousness. The object. The person.

It could be a bin bag full of shit at the end of the alleyway. It could be. And you would have to live with it. You wouldn't be able to shake it off. It would be stuck in your head. Stuck in your soul. It would make you ill.

Everyone has a cross to bear. Guillaume Rambourg knew that better than anyone. He knew that he couldn't control the world. He knew that everything outside was a mystery.

Darrell O'Dea is a mystery. He is a mystery to me. Let him be your mystery. Let him in. Do not be afraid. It's not as if you have a say in the matter, anyway.