Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Jerome Kerviel: "Your superior asks you to break the rules every day."

That's what Jerome Kerviel, lord of the rogues, told Bloomberg. He reckons his superiors at Societe Generale knew that he was making dodgy trades, but that they didn't care because they wanted the money. Sounds about right to me.

Big Herb asks me to break the rules every day. Do you have any idea how much insider trading goes on on on the astral plane? Of course, insider trading shouldn't really be a crime, should it? We should all be free to trade any way we see fit. Fortunately, the astral plane is not regulated.

I am a law unto myself. Breaking the rules of literature as well, although I have no superior in that line of work. 20,000 words this month! A fifth of an average novel. Rimbaud wrote less than 60,000 words in his 5-year "career". Not healthy. I'm heading for a breakdown. That will be my twentieth nervous breakdown.

Off at a tangent again. But I'm fucking exhausted.