Monday, 17 May 2010

Tiraneh Tehranchian: she's a head of risk

Not a whole body, just a head of risk. She was a head of risk at Man Global Strategies. Now she's a head of risk at Matrix Group.

O Master, I have seen these heads rolling through the astral desert.

Whose heads?

All the heads. The ones who are only voices in heads. Like heads out of dustbins, or urns. Just voices, thoughts. They speak their thoughts. To us. 'Nothing is funnier than unhappiness.' We should listen.

What do they say, these voices, these heads of voices?

Oh, we speak of risk. Some lose their heads in times of crisis. We lose our bodies. Then we roll away in desert sands. You can hear our voices on the desert wind. You can see us rolling in the moonlight. Watch us! This is how we roll. Do you hear me?

Yes, I hear you! My child, do you hear him?

Wise head, we hear you!

Tiraneh Tehranchian has rolled away. JP Morgan. Securities & Futures Authority. Abbey National. Man Investments. Matrix Group. She knows the risk. She sees the risk. It's a life of risk. She has risked everything to be a head in the desert.

It's a life of risk!

What risk does she see?

She sees all the risk. She has rolled away.

With you?

No, further.

Will she be coming back?

O head, will she be coming back?

Will she be coming back?

He’s gone. Desert head. Gone.

At least he has a head. I'm just a voice. A voice without a head.