Monday, 24 May 2010

David Harding of Winton Capital fame wins outstanding contribution to the industry 2010!

Eh? What? Who? Which industry?

O my child, if you can just let me catch my breath, I'll tell you. David Harding is the founder and managing director of Winton Capital Management. Hedge Funds Review has named him as winner of its tenth European performance awards outstanding contribution to the industry award. That's the hedge fund industry, by the way.

So what's the big deal? Oh, I presume Mr Harding has a mystical bent. That's why you're interested.

David Harding is as bent as they come, mystically speaking. He is not a financial shaman, but he has extraordinary powers and could easily become a shaman. He is certainly more gifted than a lot of money mystics of my acquaintance.

Money mystics? Losers!

That's a bit harsh.

O Master, they ain't got no balls. If they had balls, they'd be shamans, surely?

It's a moot point.

Fuckin' A it is! It's moot.

Yes. But back to Mr Harding. If you follow the above link to the video interview, he says something about still believing in hedge funds. And that's -

Have you watched the video?

A bit of it.

Why not all of it?

I'm a busy man.

Whatever. You got bored because he doesn't mention mystical capitalism or financial shamanism. That's the terrible truth, isn't it? How do we know this man has a mystical bent?

You have my word that he has. Mr Harding is not going to tell those squares at Hedge Funds Review about whirling chakras and all the rest of it, is he?

If he's a true believer, why not?

It's not as simple as that.

Yes it is.

O my child, you're so naive.