Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Zero Hedge: 'It has become far too clear that nobody in the finance business has a shred of integrity and honesty left.'

No, no, no! This can't be right. I think maybe Zero Hedge has been looking at all the wrong people, and in all the wrong places. The above quote is from a post about Warren Buffett - here.

There are loads of shreds of integrity and honesty on the astral plane. If you look for them. The dead financiers are honest. Sure, insider trading is not unknown; but that's not a real crime, is it? WE HAVE DIFFERENT STANDARDS. Different strokes for different Fowkes. Different shreds, even. I can split myself up into as many shreds as you like. Has Zero Hedge ever been on the astral plane? Have they (the crew) ever rolled around in the astral sands? Aren't Tyler and Marla aware that sex is so much better when you can leave your bodies behind (that's one body each) and become one in a way that is impossible on our (your, I'm not enamoured of it, myself) cold earth? But sex isn't the thing that gets us all excited. WE WANT MONEY. And there is money in astral sands, in astral skies. And let's not forget - astral seas! We could be like bumblebees together, sucking the money out of giant astral flowers. Money grows on flowers. It grows anywhere you like. It's an honest life. There is no law. 'To live outside the law you must be honest.' Right? You agree with that, don't you? Tyler needs his consciousness expanded. Everything is beautiful once you have drifted off. Forget the moralizing. Morals are an illusion. God is not a personality. He is pure spirit. Consciousness. He doesn't care what Warren Buffett is getting up to. And there are no camels and eyes of needles. Unless we're talking astral camels in the desert of our dreams. Riding them, like Lawrence of Arabia. Not crashing to our deaths on motorcycles. And we shouldn't laugh at Big Herb. He found his space hopper. It wasn't in Scrutton Street. Rosebud. It all makes sense. Oh, I was lying about the integrity and the honesty. Yes, we're shady. We could be slimmer. BUT WE ARE NOT EVIL. Jack Pickles is evil. Tyler should be writing about him, not Buffett. Warren is a nice old man with a heart of gold. Jack is a man the same age as me, but not me. Not I. 'Brought up as she had been to believe ... with the other waifs ... in a merciful ... God.' All these things, swirling in my consciousness. I cannot hold them inside. Is this some sort of therapy? What will Tyler think? THIS HAS NOT GONE TO PLAN. I was going to make a serious point. I will try to make it now. THERE ARE PLENTY OF PEOPLE IN THE FINANCE BUSINESS WHO HAVE A SHRED OF INTEGRITY AND HONESTY LEFT. Can I go and lie down now?