Monday, 24 May 2010

Deepak Gurnani: medium-sized hedge funds want a partner like Investcorp

That's what he's been telling Reuters - here. Deepak Gurnani is the head of hedge funds at Investcorp, and he says: 'We're getting approached by funds running $400-$500 million, saying: we need to go to the next level and we need a partner like Investcorp, we want to get institutional money.'

Well, it just so happens that Deepak Gurnani is a personal friend of mine. Forget about Reuters. This is what he has been telling me: 'Mikey, do you know why medium-sized hedge funds are so desperate to have a partner like Investcorp? (Lay it on me, baby.) It's because of me. (Well, that's what I thought.) Yeah. It's not just about the money. (It's about the personal touch you can bring, Deepak.) Of course it is, Mike. How long have I been a financial shaman now? (Jesus! I can't answer that question. I remember the old days. The two of us in that cave. The fire. The desert wind. The ghostly hands. The voices. Oh, was it a million years ago, a billion years ago?!) Mikey, it was a million years ago, a billion years ago! (That's what it feels like, yeah.) No, it was, Mikey. We've known each other since the beginning of time. We've known many bodies, many names, but we have always been financial shamans, and we always will be. (Financial shamanism is quite a new thing though, Deepak.) We're hearing a lot about it in the media these days, granted. But it has always existed in some form. Let me quote from one of your blog posts: "When I was alive before the creation of the universe, possible future time tragedies were played out in the cell of my soul with darkness." (Yes, but I continued with: "There were no fires. Cash did not flow. Love did not trickle down." So there was no burning love, not then.) I'm sure I can find other quotes in your blog that will back my argument. (You probably will be able to, Deepak, mate. My mind is a mass of confusion. I try to make sense out of everything, but -) Mikey, come on, there's no shame in being a bit confused. If you knew everything, understood everything, you would be God. (I would like to become a god, eventually, Deepak. Not God, you understand. Just a god.) It will happen, Mike. Be patient. (You're a good friend, you know that? I wish I had more friends like you.) Well, I understand you. We're in this together, aren't we?'

Yes, Deepak and I are in this together. This amazing journey through many lives! But I'm not sure he was right about media coverage of financial shamanism. There are still far too many squares around.