Thursday, 20 May 2010

Credit Suisse: Tomasz Bardzilowski, Jarek Tomczynski, Grzegorz Kolodziejczyk, Jan Koch, Marta Jezewska, and Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk

Are all these people Polish or something? They must be!

They have just been hired by Credit Suisse, which has reopened its brokerage business in Warsaw. Tomasz Bardzilowski will be the big boss, and the others will find something to do under him, no doubt. Warsaw, though. I'm getting depressed already and I am not even fifteen minutes into this post. To make matters worse - yes, I'm a masochist when I'm not being a sadist, it's nice to mix it up - I will be playing David Bowie's Warszawa for the duration. Yes, on repeat. Will it affect my writing?

It's a kind of death, before you actually die. No offence to anyone of the Polish persuasion, of course. Extraction, whatever. I only have Bowie's song to judge the place by. But I know: there is no desert in Warszawa, no burning love, only misery. I can understand why Credit Suisse closed the brokerage business, but why on earth has it reopened it? Are they masochists too, these Credit Suisse lunatics? Yes. Lunatic masochists! They missed the pain. I can relate to that. I like to hurt myself with visions of the lower levels. I like to hurt others as well. The mystic voice will tell you. Are you there, my child? Here? No. He's been spending a lot of time with Bob Diamond lately. I don't mind. It gives me a break, and allows Bobby to get to grips with the reality of financial shamanism.

Oh, Bowie. It's not Polish, he's singing. Just a made-up language. Why?

No, this is too much.