Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Who is Chet Bozdog?

Who is Chet Bozdog? Is he the suffering one lurking in the shadows, like Lonnie Donegan in the dream I had years ago? Or is he the angel (see note) that follows me in the desert when I burn? I have seen this angel five or six times now, always sneaking around. Is that Chet?

O Master, Chet Bozdog is the global head of technology corporate and investment banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He is not the suffering one or the desert angel.

Who is Chet Bozdog? Is he the voice that calls from the cellar? At night I hear that voice. I will not venture down there. I am not ashamed to admit that I am afraid. What does Mr Bozdog want with me?

O Master, Mr Bozdog doesn't want anything with you. He has his hands full at the minute dealing with Jon Krahulik and Riaz Ladhabhoy. He has just taken them on. Jon as managing director and global head of clean technology investment banking, and Riaz as director in the same group.

Who is Chet Bozdog? I wonder if he is the pain in my chest, the demonic fire, that almost kills me when I get too close to the lower levels. Oh, he is no angel! He is the pain. He is the dark fire. Fire without light! But how can that be? Who is Chet Bozdog?

O Master, are you listening to me? You're getting worked up about nothing. I'm sure Chet Bozdog doesn't even know who you are. He's a technology freak or something. Not the mystical type.

Who is Chet Bozdog?

Oh, for crying out loud!

Note: this angel isn't my angel, my Gillian.