Tuesday, 25 May 2010

FSA bans John White!

John White used to work at Seymour Pierce. He was the settlements manager. He was responsible for entering details of executed trades on to the system. Then, according to the FSA, he went nuts: 'White stole a total of £152,372 from his then employer and a number of its private clients in 37 separate transactions, and hid £145,000 in a dormant account that had been paid to Seymour Pierce in error.' More here.

But he didn't want this money for himself! John White was intending to offer it to Big Herb. And Big Herb would have taken it too, if only those meddling fools at the FSA had not intervened. Don't they understand the love a man, or a woman, can have for a desert god? Are they so cold that the fire of money cannot move them at all? They are awful creatures!