Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Francois Gouws and Yassine Bouhara are joint global heads of equities at UBS, and Neil Shear is a head too

Francois Gouws has been with UBS for ages. Yassine Bouhara is coming from Deutsche Bank. Both of these characters will be (maybe they are already, we don't know what goes on, we are always the last ones to know) reporting to Neil Shear. And that man (if it can be called a man) is another head. Neil Shear is the global head of securities. All these heads!

I have seen heads rolling through the desert. Mystic child voice has as well. Saw them first, actually. This is something you know. I have spoken of his/my visions before. There was another voice. Desert head. And he told us all about it. Now we know how they roll. Oh, bring me the head of Tiraneh Tehranchian! I have seen it. Child has seen it. And you will see, when you sleep. Last night, I had the head of the devil on my back, grinning. Evil head! I awoke, two in the morning. Devil head faded away, and I was left alone in the dark of my room not knowing what to expect next. Then a new day comes, and I have to deal with the heads of bankers! What a life!

Lost people of Treblinka and Pompeii! 'Save us, save us,' they seem to say, 'Let the god not abandon us who have come so far in darkness and in pain.'

No mystic child there. That was Derek Mahon with his mushrooms. But I am sure the desert heads feel exactly the same way. Francois Gouws, desert head, he wants to be saved! Yassine Bouhara, desert head, he wants to be saved! Tiraneh Tehranchian? What do you think? It can't be much fun.